Spring Fever

I’m ready to start putting the borders on the Figs and Plum quilt. I had hoped to have them on tonight but I decided to get working on the customer quilt first tonight. I’m hoping to have the quilt all finished and bound by Monday or Tuesday which means of course the customer quilt needs to be finished. Today I did get the borders cut out.

img_2681-small It was raining today, so some of our snow started to melt. Of course it makes everything look a little gray and grimy outside. This has been a long and very cold winter which might explain abit of my shopping last month…

It all kinda started with the Quilt I’m making for Eriks mom, he suggested I make it bigger and so I had to order more fabric

img_2682-smalland I made sure that I’d have more than enough just in case.. I also ordered enough of a coordinating fabric for the backing.

And because my Daughter was in Texas for a couple weeks and could bring home my order I added a few things..

I have always loved red white and blue together and I just couldn’t resist the Flag Day Farm line so I didn’t. I am Canadian but I have to admit that I’ve always wished they’d add a little blue into our flag.


I had to add the snippets charms to my order so I’d get free shipping (well I really only needed to add one pkg of charms but that wouldn’t be as much fun right?


I might want to make a BOM quilt that I’ve been looking at online .


and then there were these goodies that were on sale…


I also bought a couple of tablerunner kits from one of our local quilt shops one for my Mom and one for me. I’ll show mine when I get it done.

and then to be fair a few goodies from the other quilt shop in town. After all if we don’t support our shops and our industry what might happen?

img_2687-smallWell thats my reasoning anyways.  I also read that Kimberly and Kevin owners of the Fat Quarter Shop are expecting Twins….

One more hour til Friday!!!

2 thoughts on “Spring Fever”

  1. I see you are a Moda addict, much like I am! I have been drawn in by the Fig Tree fabrics so much lately. I don’t know what it is about those color combinations, but I just can’t resist. I’m on a ‘spend nothing’ kick this month, but I do have one shopping trip planned with Ronda to the wholesaler to get some fabric for a slipcover for the couch. That will have to be IT!



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