Longarm Presentation at Guild

I was blog surfing last week and came across this blog at Stitchin By the Lake where she asked how your flower beds looked….as of last weekend this is how they looked. This week has been a lot milder and thankfully alot of snow melted but we still have months to go before any planting will happen around here. (other than starting plants indoors of course)


my coworkers quilt is finished and was delivered this week.


Monday night was my longarm talk at Quilt Guild, I felt it went really well.


the quilt in the above picture was one of my very first quilts back when the girls were very small and I only had 3. I really didn’t know what I was doing, I had never met another quilter and only had a few magazines to go by. I had decided to quilt an outline of my girls hands in the hearts and quilt their name in the hand..my second daughter kept pulling out the batting where her handprint was so I eventually gave up and quilted it without. (I used a poly batt and now you can hardly tell theres batting in the quilt) Anyhow this quilt has a bit of a sad tale to it. Years after I made it and the girls and I were on our own, and I was going to college I was in a bit of a rush to get them to school and as we were leaving my 3rd daughter ran upstairs for something. When we all got home that night I discovered that something was that she was afraid that her hampster would be cold and so wrapped my quilt around the cage. Let me tell you that Hampster had made the prettiest nest in her life…all I could say to my daughter was lets fold the quilt up and put it in the closet and not talk about it. She was as upset as I was about it and I knew she had no idea that her hampster would ruin the quilt.


Next is my Elizabeth Quilt, I loved this quilt the moment I saw it at Fatquartershop.com and I had to have it I also had to have the charm squares. My oldest loved it too so both quilts now belong to her.

Elizabeth Quilt
Elizabeth Quilt
Wuthering Heights charm quilt
Wuthering Heights charm quilt

I love the wheel of mystery quilt. It was fun to piece and so nice to look at. It usually lives at Erik’s.

Wheel of Mystery
Wheel of Mystery

Just for fun I also showed my very first quilt. I made it when I was expecting my oldest daughter. It was a simplicity pattern and I used broadcloth. I couldn’t figure out how to finish the binding and at the time I didn’t know anyone who quilted. Somehow this quilt was used for all my girls without getting finished. I think I’ll sew the binding down before I’m a Grandma. Its amazing to me how fast 23 years can go by.



I’ve been working on Gail Pans Block of the month. I bring them to work with me and embroider during my lunch breaks. What a great stress reliever for me. I may make an extra set of blocks in the Peace on Earth fabrics I ordered from fatquartershop.com this week. There is only one complaint that I have about the Fatquarter shop and that is that its far too tempting for me. Their service is outstanding and its so exciting to get their shipments, everything is wrapped so nicely too.



One more finish this week. This quilt is for Erik’s Moms Birthday. Its so pretty and fresh looking. The pattern showed a wider binding but I found the red gingham fabric to be a bit too much for my tastes so I chose to do a traditional binding. I used wool batting for this one and quilted it using a panto called daisy swirl.


Saturdays really do fly by too fast. I have so much to do and all I’d really like to do is snuggle under a quilt and watch the Notebook.

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Longarm Presentation at Guild”

  1. Saw you left me a note on my blog, but can’t respond via email…

    Vänsdag means Friends’ Day – what Valentine’s Day is called here in Finland. Vänsdag is the Swedish name, Ystävänpäivä is the Finnish name.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Wendy – I think that quilt with your daughters’ hand prints on it is the most precious thing in the world. All the more so because of the tale about the hamster. It gives the quilt something every quilt should have — a history. I love it and it warmed my heart.


  3. Your quilts are sensational! Your quilting is amazing too. My daughter had a white rat when she was five and learned the hard way how they will shred anything you put too close to their cage!


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