Just when I grounded myself from adding to my fabric collection for awhile…
I won!
As a mom of girls I’ve been thinking grandsons will be fun one day which is why I guessed that the Jolly’s are having twin boys. How exciting for them! so I will be adding a Charming Jelly Roll Cake to my collection and I’ve decided that what I make will be mine. I love making quilts for others but this collection is so me 🙂

I finished Rosebud Lane and delivered it to its owner yesterday. Margaret quilts are always wonderful to quilt, this one was really fun for me to quilt.





and last but not least the back, I always love how the backs turn out on custom jobs.

and one more top pieced, I love how happy this top looks and it will one day be the picnic quilt and play quilt for the someday grandbabies I’m hoping that we’ll have. (Its the Hello Betty Moda University Kit)

I think spring really is showing up its supposed to be 12C today and the sky is blue and my window is open…..I really wish I didn’t have to spend the day inside at the office today….but then again I am thankful for my job….its just that I need to be outside and I really need to be quilting 🙂
Have a great day!!

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