Happy Canada Day!

ok so there’s only 6 minutes left of Canada Day but still it’s not over til it’s over. Its been a good low key day here. A nice day off of the day job with pay is always a good day 🙂
I slept a couple extra hours and then enjoyed both my morning cups of coffee in my jammies and at my own pace. I really don’t like to be rushed. Then I spent some quality time with my longarm and almost finished the job I started. The quilt is 99×76, I pieced the back, loaded the quilt and have all but one more row to quilt.
Then off to Erik’s for some supper and time together. I spent a little time in my flower beds weeding and watering and cleaning up a mess a certain critter who shall remain nameless in this post made he belongs to Erik’s youngest and like she says He’s so cute though 🙂
later we went for a nice country drive after getting some dairy queen for the trip.
I made it home tonight just in time…
first I’ll show you the picture I took out my bedroom window this morning.
For those of you that don’t know I live in a housing co op. Every year they really do up Canada Day and every year they do a huge fireworks display right behind my house. These pictures were also taken from by bedroom.


and last but not least to keep my post kinda quilty here’s the quilt I’m working on. Its also a customer quilt. I have another 4 to do before its holiday time.


time for bed. only 2 workdays til the weekend and the weathers looking great for some fishing!!!

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