Wendy’s Island

This little lap quilt is finished and delivered, what a happy little project to work on. I have a picture of it with it’s new owner but its at work so I’ll have to post it another time, for now though


Its backed with Minkie and quilted using the Daisy Swirl Panto by Jodi Beamish

We try to get out fishing as much as we can, what can I say its a passion of mine and we live amongst such beauty.

I had really hoped to catch my first lake trout but I’ll have to keep trying, thankfully Erik had more luck than I did

I think the highlight of this fishing trip for us was that Erik’s Parents were there




We made a little pit stop on an island. Turns out it was mine..Wendy’s Island 🙂 Erik has heard that a finnish woman in her 40’s likes to spend extended time on this Island. She has a cooking area set up, as well as a sleeping area and a potty area as well.


I also found a few lovely blueberry bushes, and for those of you who don’t know, Northern Ontario wild blueberries are the best!!

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