Play Day 2 aka Someday

This morning I read a post by Darlene @ Quilters Daze where she has written an excellent post about and 8th day of the week. You know the days that we would be able to do what we want to do or to be able to accomplish the things we can’t in 7. I so often feel like I live my life on a treadmill.

This week I’ve allowed myself time to do what I want totally unscheduled days. Yes I’ve had to say no to my girls about some of their requests (like my youngest who would like me to just taxi her around a bit more instead of taking the school bus home) I learnt a very long time ago that its alright for a mom to say no sometimes and to take care of herself and not feel guilty about it. Somehow I forgot to really learn that part the not feel guilty part, I think that’s part of being a Mom?

I had a visit with a very good friend of mine yesterday she has been my quilting mentor for almost 20 yrs now. We first met when Quilt Canada was here in Thunder Bay and I was at the very beginning of learning to quilt. She was a helper in one of the classes I took and after that I seemed to run into her in the fabric/quilt shops every time I was looking for help on a project I was working on. She has been an amazing cheerleader in my Quilting and a true inspiration, I love her quilts.

This quilt she brought to discuss the border colours and that it will be coming soon for quilting, and another that’s ready for quilting that I will share pictures of soon.

Alva is never shy in her use of colours and most of the time she uses very bright and vibrant colour. I wish that I would have gotten a better picture, and I hope she doesn’t mind being included in my blog.

I also finished the Stars yesterday for my latest quilt, and also started the next blocks delectable mountains with too many half square triangles.

It was a beautiful day so I went walking, a good fast pace and it sure felt good, when I got home I decided to tackle a bit of cleaning….under the stove/fridge and the outside of those appliances one thing led to another and I was exhausted. Thankfully my eldest daughter asked if I’d like her to make me supper!! She made her own version of gumbo and oh it was good. That husband of hers sure is a lucky man!!

I spent some more time getting to know my new camera; I think it will be a lot like my longarm……practice, practice, practice!

Today promises to be another bright sunny day so I’m going to walk again and maybe take my camera this time. And of course time in my studio without the phone!

Have a great day!!

4 thoughts on “Play Day 2 aka Someday”

  1. I am so pleased that you’re allowing yourself lots of “Somedays” – enjoy every minute. And, remember there is one rule – no guilt allowed. 🙂


  2. Hi Wendy,
    your ‘vacation’ sounds great! (Does cleaning count as vacation? – but it sure feels nice when it’s done!) I think sometimes mom’s have to learn to be selfish – it sounds really hard and we all get filled with guilt about it, but if you just give and give then you just end up empty. The ‘me’ time puts something back again and don’t forget: if mom’s happy, everyone’s happy! Have fun!!
    I love Alva’s quilt too!


  3. That is a fun quilt and Alva looks like a fun lady! Don’t feel guilty, Wendy…we need that time to rejuvenate our own spirits, which makes us better moms in the long run.


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Your quilts are awesome. I am in the middle of making a quilt for my sons teacher she is having a baby and each child drew a picture on a square…I will blog about it later, for now I cant because its a secret…so after we give it to her. Thanks again!


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