Where have I been?

I really did have the best of intentions to blog all summer and share pictures and stories of my adventures.

So what happened? Life. Computer challenges, I had to switch computers and for some reason I’m having trouble linking word 07 to WordPress, so I’m back to using WordPress. Procrastination, which I’m actually doing right now.


and now here it is the middle of October? how did that happen? I think I’ll start by easing my way back by sharing some of whats happened and I’ll share pictures and stories of my adventures in Finland during future posts.

After settling in a bit after arriving in Finland we found ourselves heading further north. I remember as a child in school learning about the North, the tundra and thinking to myself I wonder if I’ll ever see it.

Our first overnight stop was in Rovaniemi which is very close to the Arctic Circle and where Santa Claus lives. (Yes I paid him a visit and will share pictures of the village soon, I hope). Today I’ll share a few pictures from the Arktikum (outside picture above.)

the following pictures were part of a school display,


1 thought on “Where have I been?”

  1. welcome back Wendy! Can’t wait to read more about Finland – somewhere I would love to go one day! By the way this isn’t Eric – it’s me helen in Switzerland. For some reason I can only write to you as my dear friend and webmaster Eric – no idea how to change it!


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