Getting Ready for the New Year!


Like many other quilters I’ve been thinking about goals for 2011.

I have a usual list of quilts in different stages to finish up, and some are very close to completion and I’ll have some time to do that this winter.

This one is next; this will be my daughter Katie’s. I’ll share more about it in future posts.

I’m going to challenge myself machine quilting wise. I’ve ordered some new rulers that I’m very excited to use and add the techniques to my work.

I have some people who I hope to gift with quilts this year if all goes well.

The local Quilt Guild has a lot going on this year and I’m trying to find some ways to be more involved. This is Quilt Show year so that might be a good opportunity for me.

There are also a couple of groups or clubs that will be starting up that interest me.

So that should keep me busy quilt wise.

On the taking care of me front, I have been walking again which I hope to continue to try to do daily. The exercise is important but more importantly for me I find it relaxing and soothing to be outside enjoying nature. When you walk everyday you can’t help but notice the subtle changes around you. When you look at winter as a whole it’s not very interesting but on a daily basis the snow does change with the weather, grey days tend to me milder days while the bright sunny days tend to be cold and brisk.

Erik gave me Cross Country Skis for Christmas. I haven’t been skiing for several years but always enjoyed it. I’m really looking forward to getting out there again.

Next week I’m going to give Yoga another go. I really enjoyed it last time…..but let it go because it was another to do on my long list of to do’s.

My friend Alva has made a wall hanging that I’ve admired for several years now. This year she gave me the start to it and the pattern. I promised myself that I would get it pieced this year. Only a fellow quilter could understand the relaxation that comes in piecing something like this. It took me a couple of days but it was well worth it.

I also plan/need to work on my photography skills in 2011!

And one more picture if you’ll indulge me……It’s a Grandma thing…….isn’t he the most adorable little gift!

1 thought on “Getting Ready for the New Year!”

  1. Well you certainly sound like you’re going to be pretty busy Wendy! (But as they are all nice things I guess that’s OK!). I hope you have a happy and healthy year and I’m so looking forward to seeing how all your goals pan out! Best wishes from over here to over there! Helen


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