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My Love of Pyrex Continues

I’ve been slowly adding pieces to my collection. Today I found what I originally started looking for on the bottom right you can see my Cinderella Bowls in the Buttercup print.


I was gifted this cabinet by my friend Marlene recently and what a perfect fit it makes in my home!


I just love how my daughter’s little pig family looks with my pink Pyrexl


Emily spotted this piece the on the bottom it says Pyrex England.


What a happy day I found 3 butternut print Cinderella bowls. The large bowl is in mint condition and is just what I was looking for.

I’ve recently added some carafes to my collection as well as several more bowls and other pieces.

5 thoughts on “My Love of Pyrex Continues”

  1. I think its amazing how things come around again. I remember my grandmother owning bowls just like yours. I love Pyrex too – the jade colored which were called Fire King (by Pyrex) which are getting very hard to find. I have a small collection of bowls and a pouring pitcher. You have a lovely collection. Isn’t it great when you find that one piece you’ve been searching for!



  2. The fun part about collecting something like your pyrex is the hunt. I too collected dishes, depression ware and a dinner service that all of my of my grandmother ‘s owned at one time in their lives. Can’t pass up a yard sale or antique store. Your collection is lovely. Really enjoy your blog.


  3. Well now, that is one pretty collection. It looks great in that cabinet and glad you are making good use of it . Keep on collecting. Looks like there is still a lot of room in there for more treasures. Happy hunting…lol.


  4. Love your collection and enjoy you sharing. I have one set and thats the butternut Cinderella bowls and there are 4 bowls. Received it as a wedding present almost 48 yrs ago and they are still in use and not as nice as what yours show. But I really like using them.

    What a friend to gift you the cabinet and they do look awesome.


  5. Nice finds! I’m looking for the smallest Butterprint Cinderella bowl now. Hope I can find it.

    And I’m jealous you have a piece of English Pyrex! 🙂


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