On the Quilting Front

It’s been over a month I know..but it really was a busy month. So much has happened. I’ll start with the Quilting side of my life…

I was busy quilting for others. One thing I’ve worked on this last year is my free motion fill on nature scenes. 


Unfortunately my pictures didn’t fully capture my stitching, something for me to work on in the new year!

I was really pleased with how this next one turned out.




On the quilt shop front I’ve been making a few more baby quilts, that are for sale. I am at the shop every Wednesday and it seems that every week a new group of fabric catches my eye and imagination. Thankfully Luci is happy to let me play and see what I come up with.

This one has already been sold. Though I am working on another one. I just love the colours and the fabric is wonderful to work with.

IMG_0003 (1)

The most important to me quilt that I made this fall:


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