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Sweet Spot Schnibble and a Confession of sorts

I’ve been playing with this collection of charms (Home Town by Sweetwater for Moda)for awhile first working on this Schnibble (Sweet Spot) using a common background fabric. (Just in case you don’t know about Carrie of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co who designs these wonderful little patterns click on the Schnibble link and go have a visit!)

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I really couldn’t believe myself but when I made the flying geese for this project..and I mean all the flying geese for the border, and I was laying them out on my design wall I realized that I’d made them wrong..where was my mind I ask??

here’s my excuse



sometimes Liam likes to hang out with Grandma in her studio..he is such a handsome distraction!

Thankfully I had more charms so I made the geese over again and correctly the second time and the wrong geese?

have become the star points in a slightly changed version of the Madeline Schnibble pattern. I like this little quilt so much that I’m thankful for that “little” mistake!


10 thoughts on “Sweet Spot Schnibble and a Confession of sorts”

  1. okay, senior moment……….don’t get what you said was wrong……..???
    brought up the pattern……..what am I missing???


  2. Shirley, when I was making the flying geese units for the first schnibble I made them with the geese in the background colour instead of gray.


  3. Thank you Helen, Carries patterns really are wonderful so well written and so much fun to make too!


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the compliment too! I really enjoyed your pictures on your blog of your trip to Lapland, we visited there summer before last and I hope to go again someday.


  5. thanks for telling me what was wrong. duh!
    (in my defense, I thought the photo showed the
    mistake, no wonder I couldn’t find it. LOL If I had
    only looked a little harder, I maybe would have
    Like everyone else, love the pattern and what you did
    with the parts that weren’t right.
    BTW Liam is quite handsome!


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