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Happiness is…

February 3 is not only my daughters birthday but also the 26th anniversary of becoming a Mom. What a wonderful, challenging, fulfilling, stressful at times but mostly rewarding career of love being a Mom has been. When Sarah was born I was 23 and looking back I sure was young and naive, but I was young and grew in so many ways because I was a Mom. Happy Birthday Sarah!!

This little quilt had been here for a while, it belongs to my good friend Alva. When I loaded this quilt onto my longarm I wasn’t sure how I was going to quilt it but it very quickly spoke to me and I just had fun, I played and the ideas flowed as I doodled along. I enjoyed quilting this one so much that I felt a bit sad to have it finished.

Alva picked it up at the shop last week, and later that day I was brought another one to quilt! We may have a long way to go before there are flowers blooming outside but these sunny little quilts will help remind me that spring is coming. (This quilt was a BOM a few years ago)



So the title of my post… well for me Happiness is being a Mom to my 4 beautiful daughters and to the men in their lives and being a Grandma to my adorable grandsons. Having friends and family who encourage, support me in my life and are so much fun to have in my life! Workwise it is helping others to finish the quilts that they have created, I am so thankful for my customers and friends for allowing me that joy!


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