and suddenly it seems that spring has arrived! It has been unseasonably warm here in Northern Ontario this winter but the last several days have been fantastic! Sunshine and warmth.

anyways here a few of my latest jobs

(before I begin this little quilt show I’d like to give my quilt model Derek credit and a big thank you!!)

Alva’s sweet flannel baby girl quilt:


Norma’s Underground Railroad.




and Sharon’s Snowman Quilt




I just love how the back looks!


2 thoughts on “Spring”

  1. Beautiful quilts and quilting, Wendy. I really like that snowman — the backs of quilts are my favorite, hands down. I love seeing the textures and the secondary quilt that arises from the quilting design. You do such beautiful work. Enjoy your lovely weather. Fishing season is coming right up!


  2. Winter themes are my favorite and seem like the fun really shows through on this quilt. Saying it’s very nice doesn’t do it justice. Love how the borders were quilted so very beautiful!


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