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Quilting Rules and the Modern Quilting World

I love quilts, I’ve loved quilts from the first time I noticed quilts and my passion for them has only grown.

My first quilting teacher was Eleanor Burns, who I watched on PBS and before a VCR. I would take notes and then make the project. I also read every book and magazine that I could find. As money was tight I made many miniature quilts as the fabric requirements weren’t overwhelming to my budget.


I fell in love with the precision of piecing, I love pressing my pieces and seeing perfectly matched seams and sharp points.  I pride myself in my work.


On the other hand though, I’ve never appreciated the “Quilt Police” I want to make what I want to make, in the colours that I choose and the styles that I like. Quilting should be fun. I often think of a grade 7 teacher who tried to explain to me that purple and orange, and blue and green do not ever go together..that made no sense to me!


Lately, something new has been catching my eye, I’m loving the Modern Quilts that are out there. Colours and styles are changing and I want to play! Sometimes I just want to cut up fabric, sew and press and see what happens. Sometimes I just want simple. More often than not lately I want to try different.

This weekend I played with some Kate Spain Fabric and made my version of a quilt that I’ve seen in a few places. It’s still a work in progress, but it does have my wheels turning with more ideas.


so simple, just strips sewn together, cut and framed, and solid blocks framed with pieced strips. Such a quick and relaxing project. Perfect for these hot weather days. I love the bright happy colours and patterns in this line too. This is still a work in progress, I haven’t decided on borders. It will be lap sized though.


I know that this project is barely dipping my toes into the water of Modern Quilting but I think there will be more, so much more!!

7 thoughts on “Quilting Rules and the Modern Quilting World”

  1. Wendy, your work is beautiful! How wonderful to hear you’re finding happiness in playing around with color. Unlike your 7th grade teacher, i happen to think orange and purple bring out the best in each other. The possibilities hidden in the color wheel are infinite! Explore to your heart’s content! xxoo


  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment! I’ve been noticing more and more vibrant colours are following me home these days and my studio is a reflection of it, I may not be able to make pastel quilts again for some time!


  3. I hope that teacher came out of her rule box at some point. Life really is too short to be constrained by such silly rule..the things we learn as we age I guess.


  4. Thank you Helen, I must admit that one is one of my favorites, it’s the one I made a mistake cutting the fabrics for and ended up having to make changes and because I needed more charm packs I ended up with a baby quilt sized schnibble as well!


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