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Wolves and Quilts

One morning while sitting quietly having my coffee something caught my eye out the window…a wolf sauntered out of the bush and for a short time stood in the yard before me…all I could do was sit and look, it didn’t occur to me to take a picture. I was just in awe.

I recently finished this customer quilt. I loved the colours in the panel along with the piecing. It called for northern light type of quilting which is why I chose the pantograph, Kindling.

This quilt that I pieced and quilted in 2013 was a gift for one of Eriks daughters who loves wolves. It was a kit that I found online from a shop in Alaska. I remember that it was fun to make and that I entered it into our guilds quilt show that year.

2 thoughts on “Wolves and Quilts”

  1. Kindling is perfect for that quilt – so beautiful! And I love the wolf quilt that you pieced, as well – how fun! We don’t have wolves here in NH, thankfully. We have coyotes, but they’re not as scary!


  2. I love that pantograph! Perfect for that quilt. And, both quilts are really wonderful. We have coyotes here—and I read a book by a coyote scholar a few years back, I AM COYOTE, in which the author tried to educate on coyotes. I didn’t know until then that coyotes will mate (for life) with wolves. So interesting.


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