Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sunshine Quilt and Life

Our area is on week two of virtual learning. My grandson spends his days here, last week went well. This week has been a little more of a challenge. So I made a point of getting outside and into the bush. We have trails behind the house and as soon as we headed toward them I could see the happier mood.

He doe not like a jacket and it was mild out.

He pointed out a lot of the animal tracks and knew what most were. Also the different paths, mostly from the deer. School was much more manageable afterwards.

On the quilting front I was able to finish the sunshine quilt.

It’s always nice to reach this point however I always unwind the quilts and inspect the stitching on the back. I monitor as I go though it’s always wise to check one more time before removing the quilt. I trimmed it afterwards and prepared the binding. This customer has me bind and finish her quilts.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Quilt and Life”

  1. The sunshine quilt will be by hand. I very rarely bind for customers and still need more practice with machine binding. I really enjoy hand stitching so I haven’t pushed myself to learn but I should.


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