Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Frozen and Snow

The binding is prepared for the sunshine quilt and will be applied today.

This cute little quilt was next and the customer chose the pantograph ground cover…this added to the swirling leaves in the panel. In place of batting she requested a thin fleece fabric which quilted up beautifully.

I won’t trim this quilt as the backing will be brought forward as binding. You can see the fleece that was used.
Frozen back…such pretty stitches.

In keeping with the theme we had snow overnight and it’s still snowing this morning. Hopefully it won’t be too wet for my Grandson and I to explore the woods again.

The schools will remain closed for another 2 weeks here so we will continue to hang out together next week 😊

I am currently working on a custom snowman quilt…pictures to follow.

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