Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A Few of my Favourite Things!

As a professional Longarm quilter I have over time discovered a few tools that make life a little easier.

I love good lighting and as much as I love my domestic machines they lack good enough lights. A friend gifted me an led strip light meant to be attached to the machine however the strips included never stuck long term.

My newest machine does have a led light, however not as bright as I would like.

I really didn’t want to glue anything permanently to my machine so my solution was to use command strips and crazy glue the light strip to it. It hasn’t moved since!

My daughter gifted me a shoulder massager a few years ago and it’s right up there with good lighting!

Also in the lighting department this led rechargeable flashlight has been invaluable not only for checking the tension on the quilt back when longarming but also when doing maintenance and work such as retiming the Longarm.

This one has a magnetic base and is adjustable.

My Carol Duek paper piecing paper order is out for delivery. So hopefully I will get to play with that today. It was a busy week on the Longarm.

I will share a few more things tomorrow.

1 thought on “A Few of my Favourite Things!”

  1. Pretty much my favourite things in your photos Wendy. Thanks for the tip on the light. That will become an new addition to my tools.

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