Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A few more favourites and a little of this and that…

Well you know how it goes…when things go well ordering from Amazon it can be amazing. Well my paper piecing plans went out the window…no delivery as promised on Friday and then it was out for delivery yesterday but was a no show despite the tracking that said it was delivered. Oh well thankfully the deadline isn’t this week.

Our weather was fantastic yesterday so it was a good day to be outside anyways.

I shared a few favourite things yesterday and I have a few more so here it goes…

I love these thread picks…not only do I use them for unstitching but they are also fantastic for retrieving stray dark threads under light colours on quilted quilts. It’s like a super tiny and sharp crochet hook.

These scissors all have serrated blades and are super sharp. I use all three sizes fairly often in my work. They aren’t all needed but I do enjoy them.

The navy blue Olfa cutting mat just looks so nice in my sewing room which is why I had to have it..It really is nice to have for cutting lighter fabrics. I use a smaller version when I am trimming small units as it’s easy to turn. I do have some rotating mats as well however I rarely pull them out. I have also over time acquired different size and colour mats that are very useful at times.

It was a very busy week for my Longarm and I. I finished quilting 2 queen size quilts and the sweet little Frozen quilt.

I will hand stitch the binding on the sunshine quilt in the next couple of days and the snowman quilt will require a whole blog post after it’s owner has seen it.

The Sunshine Quilt
The Snowman Quilt….more to come

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