Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Liam’s Quilting…part 2

All of the rows are sewn! Liam really mastered the 1/4” and towards the last rows he was edging up closer to the rabbit setting on the machine and really controlling the foot pedal.

He was really proud of how well the first two rows came together.

He said to make sure to send these pictures to his parents!
Grandma’s brag haha…well look at those matched seams! We started with pins however changed to clips which worked much better. He is really looking forward to trying out Grandma’s Longarm!

2 thoughts on “Liam’s Quilting…part 2”

  1. A lot can be learned about math in a quilt—including what happens if math isn’t working due to “off” seams or cutting, etc. And I’ve always thought quilting and carpentry math had a lot in common. I so agree about learning via hands-on methods as well as from books and what happens in a classroom. Plus there are REAL products: a quilt, a cake to share, etc. Go Wendy and LIam!


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