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Specialty Quilt Rulers…. Drunkards Path

In preparation for an upcoming class through the Thunder Bay Quilt Guild that I am taking soon. We will be using a drunkards path ruler set so I went looking through my collection….

I am so fortunate to have not only collected rulers myself but have also inherited many.

Some of my rulers came from a good friend and mentor of mine who also included tutorials in each pkg… she loved to teach and for many years would offer a tutorial before each guild meeting.

This set is just a little too big compared to the supplied print out. it does remind me though that it’s time to hang my Wheel of Mystery quilt though.

How interesting is this set, it might work and will be played with now that I have had a good look at it.

Now this ruler from 1994 designed by Virginia A Walton might just work. It will be another one to play with for sure.

2 thoughts on “Specialty Quilt Rulers…. Drunkards Path”

  1. I have the Elisa ruler too. I measured it against the template, to bad it is the wrong size. Boo hoo.


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