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And Then it Happened

Liam loves the decorative pillows that came in a bed in a bag years ago…Erik not so much as it seems silly to him to have to remove and replace unnecessary pillows from a bed.

Liam on the other hand has had hours of fun with them. Yesterday after arriving he created a little nest for himself so I handed him the book he has been reading…

I have always loved reading to children and Liam has been no exception. Encouraging him to read for pleasure has not always been met with excitement or even willingness.

I asked my friends son who is 13 for book recommendations and he suggested the And Then it happened series. His Mom said oh her son has outgrown the recommended age group but still pulls them out and reads for fun.

As his Mom put it these books have stories about pranks, farts, stinky, muddy stuff etc… perfect for a 9 1/2 yr old boy.

The link below gives a chapter from each book to sample… I ended up buying the series from Amazon to have in our library here for years of fun reading.


2 thoughts on “And Then it Happened”

  1. Yes! Getting a child to read starts with finding something that draws them in. My youngest son finally got drawn into, of all things, Conan the Barbarian—and them went from there to all the Zane Grey westerns. Whatever works! And he was just about Liam’s age at the time. YOU are a great grandmother!


  2. How cute is that?! My 7 year old is totally into Captain Underpants right now. It’s ridiculous but listening to him laugh while reading makes it all worthwhile! Reading is reading and it’s all GOOD practice. Have fun!

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