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The past couple weeks have been filled with life and one part of our lives involved saying goodbye.

Erik’s Dad passed away on Monday at the age of 87.

Martti and Hilkka

Martti had worked hard all of his life and as both Erik and his Mom put it he had alot of fun being a Dad. I knew Martti in his later years and I loved how his eyes always lit up when his family would come to visit him esp the grand and great grand children.

Martti and his wife also shared a love of fishing. The above picture is one I took one of the last times we were all at the same lake together. We enjoyed visiting by the campfire and later Erik commented that there would probably not be many more times at the lake together. We cherish these memories.

I will miss him, we always had our little jokes and laughs when I would see him he had a big heart and smiles to go with it.

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