Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Liam and his Dad brought out Liams first dirt bike last week, he has been learning to drive it and yesterday he explained to me how the gears work and when you use the different ones.

Sometimes he and Pappa will go for rides through the trails they both look so happy as they play! Liam also drives around the yard and through the paths closer to the house…I can often hear him singing as he drives.

Making memories

We also hiked Rabbit Mountain this week. Erik and Liam climbed the straight up hike up the hydro line. I preferred the other path this time still a good hike but a little more relaxing for me.

The base of their hike

Many hours were spent in the pool this week along with Liam eating and picking many of Mummus raspberries and and a couple of bowls of ice cream there as well.

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