Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A little More Life

I had such great hopes of hours of quilting time yesterday. Thankfully my neck and back are fine from Thursday’s accident.

I was on my way to report the accident as there are limited hours to do that due to Covid , when Eriks Mom called with abdominal pain. Long story short she had a bowel obstruction due to a hernia the good new is that she had surgery and is recovering. We are thankful that she called and has been so well cared for at our hospital.

One just never knows what a day will bring.

2 thoughts on “A little More Life”

  1. This could have been so serious. Good thing she acted quickly and got the care she needed. Hope the recovery goes smoothly and you get the quilting time you need.


  2. Thank you, she was very lucky that it was an easier fix than if she had ignored it and let it go! I allowed myself some quality me time in my studio yesterday and hope to do the same today.


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