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Life and a New Day

I love waking up early, while it’s still dark and while enjoying my coffee watching the day begin out of our picture window. My view is mostly trees…it seems every morning is a new view. It is a quiet and peaceful way to begin a new day.

Life seems to move so quickly and working from home I for the most part have the option of not having to drive during the busier hours that I did while in the work force.

My morning commute is a quick walk down the stairs to my Longarm or sewing room. Erik and I are in such a nice for the most part season of our lives.

Yesterday was not a quiet day but a full one that involved driving more than usual. Yesterday I was rear ended by an overwhelmed young Mom. She was so apologetic and we were both shocked…we were all ok thankfully.

She reminded me a little of myself 20 years ago. Life moves quickly and some things that I have observed …being a few minutes late is not the end of the world, being mindful and practicing being more in the moment is very beneficial especially while driving.

On other news, I have been looking for Reynolds Freezer paper for my up coming adventures with The Color Collective by Tara Faughnan and Sewtopia.

I finally ordered some on Amazon. It doesn’t seem to be available in Canada anymore. I sure miss our quick trips across the border.

I am looking forward to more relaxed mornings and quilting days. The coming season is so perfect for quilting.

1 thought on “Life and a New Day”

  1. So glad you’re ok! And that poor mom, that was me 20 years ago as well. The days pass so quickly. Your mornings sound so peaceful. My son lives in an area like that, nothing but trees as far as the eye can see. There are other homes nearby, but you can’t see them for the literal forest of trees. It’s one thing I like about visiting him, the quiet. A passing car is an event! Thank you for liking Guacamole Day on my blog. I’d totally forgotten I’d written that. Memories. And freezer paper, what would we do without it? Glad you found some.

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