Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Sunny is the name of the first block of Season 4 of the Color Collective that I have been working on. This Season began November 1st and this block introduced a new to me paper piecing technique.

I don’t usually enjoy paper piecing, it seems so tedious and wasteful however Taras technique was fun and no ripping papers and very little fabric waste. Not only that but as our days become shorter as we get closer to December 21st it was a fantastic palette and block to play with in the moments that I had time to play.

Curved piecing has really been popular these last few years and I was glad to have the glue technique for these blocks!

Fall and winter are especially busy with customer quilts and Christmas coming so my personal piecing time becomes very precious and needed. I decided to focus on Sunny but also accept that the November block most likely wouldn’t be a top until January.

So yesterday with little wind and not too terribly cold weather I laid Sunny over the snow to show you. I am somewhat pondering how I will quilt this top so it might be awhile before I get to that stage.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


The view from my studio this morning

No it isn’t sunny today, our world is really trying to turn white, the winds have truly been winter like. Yesterday was my last clothesline day until spring!

Thankfully Tara Faughnan of the color collective chose a bright happy fun to piece quilt block for the first project of season 4. The first quilt is named Sunny.

The palette, note to self to take a better picture of the December palette.
Starting to play

It’s been fun to learn a new to me paper piecing technique and play with colours that I might not have chosen myself.

Longtime Gone is still taking up more than half of the design wall and I am determined to finish that quilt top by the end of the year.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

This and That

I was asked what the pattern was for the top below. It is by Thimble Blossoms and called Dwell 2. It was a nice project to piece and because I purchased it as a kit there were very few decisions to be made.

Sometimes and in some seasons of life it’s nice to just cut sew and press. I was drawn to this project from quilting one for a customer.

We have had very little rain for months and have enjoyed some really nice weather even into November.

The forecast for tomorrow is for rain 75-100mm for our area and for those further from the lake (Thunder Bay is built on the shore of Lake Superior) will receive the precipitation in snow….and so it begins or so it seems!

I have been enjoying some playtime piecing curves and playing with colour. I had to laugh at myself the other day as I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I made a pretty silly mistake…funny how we don’t always see that what we are doing is wrong…

As soon as I pressed it I knew something was off…had I taken just a little time to stop and look at what I was doing and re think it…

Instead I realized it was late and time to quit for the night. The next morning I was able to quickly take it apart and use the right background.

Well worth the effort!!

I enjoy curved piecing and this project is allowing for a lot of practice.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Color Collective

I have followed Tara Faughnan and Amy Newbolds program the Color Collective from when it originated however for many reasons hesitated to jump in. It always looked like a lot of fun.

Then last December I discovered Louisa Enright’s blog, https://louisaenright.com what a treat of years of quilting to read about and especially her adventures with the Collective. So after giving it a little thought I decided to jump in. I love the idea of learning new skills and especially receiving a different palette bundle of fabric each month to play with.

The program began November 1st, my fabric is on its way…it’s in Canada somewhere. The block pattern was revealed yesterday with a completely new to me paper piecing technique. I loved the videos of Tara teaching and after watching them I had to try the block! I like to make practice blocks often with a new pattern anyways.

The quilt is called Sunny and will be bright and happy.
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Life and a New Day

I love waking up early, while it’s still dark and while enjoying my coffee watching the day begin out of our picture window. My view is mostly trees…it seems every morning is a new view. It is a quiet and peaceful way to begin a new day.

Life seems to move so quickly and working from home I for the most part have the option of not having to drive during the busier hours that I did while in the work force.

My morning commute is a quick walk down the stairs to my Longarm or sewing room. Erik and I are in such a nice for the most part season of our lives.

Yesterday was not a quiet day but a full one that involved driving more than usual. Yesterday I was rear ended by an overwhelmed young Mom. She was so apologetic and we were both shocked…we were all ok thankfully.

She reminded me a little of myself 20 years ago. Life moves quickly and some things that I have observed …being a few minutes late is not the end of the world, being mindful and practicing being more in the moment is very beneficial especially while driving.

On other news, I have been looking for Reynolds Freezer paper for my up coming adventures with The Color Collective by Tara Faughnan and Sewtopia.

I finally ordered some on Amazon. It doesn’t seem to be available in Canada anymore. I sure miss our quick trips across the border.

I am looking forward to more relaxed mornings and quilting days. The coming season is so perfect for quilting.