Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Shasta Daisy

The pantograph Shasta Daisy has always made me smile. I remember ordering it only because I liked it, that’s how my collection of pantographs has grown for the most part.

I remember one day my friend Alva came by with her latest creation and as I was showing her my latest addition to my collection she saw Shasta Daisy and stopped and said that one! Added note: this quilt was a block of the month program from a shop called Quilters Stash that was here in town for a number of years.

My photography skills and camera have vastly improved since 2012 when this was taken.

Many of my customers leave the quilting choice up to me, that used to cause me stress in the early years of my quilting for customer days however most quilts speak to me as soon as we meet these days.

This star quilt of Joan’s called for Shasta Daisy.

When looking at this quilt, the prints suggested a floral pantograph, then a closer look revealed some Daisy like petals. The star blocks are very angular and adding the flow of a more curvy design softens those angles.

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