Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Life and Quilting

March seems like a bit of blurr this year! It was a busy month with quilting, renovations that have officially begun…and a pretty rough cold tucked into the middle that grounded me to the sofa and bed for a few days.

Now that it’s April one would think it would seem like spring here however after last weeks storm and an addition 4 inches of snow this week our world is still white.

We often have seven or so deer often in the yard, nibbling on our trees and being way too brave! We do our best to discourage them.

This is often the view out of the living room picture window… they seem so sweet!

They are getting too bold, when I was sewing after supper last night it seemed to suddenly get dark, I looked up and there were 2 deer right against the window above me…nibbling on what they could find in the flowerbed from last year.

I went upstairs to send them off but when I went to open the front door there was an additional 2 standing on the doorstep! they did eventually take off! Liam finds them pretty entertaining at times.

Liam’s class went on a field trip yesterday. He was so excited and said that it was the best school day ever. They visited Boreal Journey Dog Sled and Kennel. Liam absolutely loves dogs and learnt so much from his day. I was so glad that I got to pick him up from school and enjoy the stories!

They ate their lunch around a campfire…he said he didn’t want to waste too much time eating so only ate his sandwich….he ate two full helpings of supper last night though.

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