Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Another snowy Wednesday…

It’s April 6th…we still have an abundance of snow! Guess what…we are again under another snowfall warning!

This is my morning view from the picture window…

Thankfully, it’s a day that I am able to stay home and I plan to do just that.

April has been a busy month so far, as was March. My Longarm and I have been busy!

I am slipping in a little baby quilt making daily now as the date of arrival is quickly approaching!

So the other night I hoped to finish piecing the backing. I was tired and didn’t notice that the print was off grain until I had sewn it and laid it out on the floor!

Can you see it? It was late at night, so I decided just to sleep on it.

The next morning I took it apart and using once upon a day home ec lessons straightened the grain. The print is so adorable…it’s a Cotton + Steel called Flower Market and I was determined to use it.

So much better!
The finished backing.

It was worth the extra time it took to match up the design while piecing this backing.

The quilt is loaded on the Longarm, I am hoping to use this snow day to finish it!

One tip for others who longarm. I keep a few pieces of trimmed wide backings from personal quilts and baste them to the top of backings that might be short as a leader preventing unpleasant surprises at the end of the quilt!

4 thoughts on “Another snowy Wednesday…”

  1. Love your blog! I used to love to work in my studio on snowy days. It was so relaxing. Now that I’m full-time RVing, I’m relegated to writing and cross-stitch, mostly. I do have a couple of quilting piecing projects to do on the road, and am trying my hand at hand piecing those. Our neighbors knew we were serious about this lifestyle when they saw my longarm leave on someone else’s truck!

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  2. Oh my goodness, your winter just won’t end. I am sorry!!

    I love how careful you are with your quilting. I didn’t see anything wrong with the first version, haha!

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  3. Thank you Katie, yes winter doesn’t want to give up its grip this year or so it seems!
    If you look carefully towards the seam on the first picture of backing you can see that the print isn’t straight, on a clearly directional print such as this it matters at least to me. I also believe that if I had left it the quilt might not have laid flat after washing.
    I remember when I was much younger I bought a pair of jeans and one leg was clearly cut off grain and was forever twisting when I wore them…it was a real lesson on the importance of grain!

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