Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Carol’s Star Quilt

Carol made this quilt for her son, I added my touch with the pantograph Star swirl.

Michelle Wyman designed the Starswirl pantograph.

When I first started quilting on my Longarm, I was a member of an online group called LACHAT it was a fantastic resource not only for longarm quilting but also friendships with so many likeminded people.

It had great forums for trouble shooting, how would you quilt this and show and tell along with a chat room that many of us regularly spent time visiting with each other. I bring this memory up as I am reminded of it when I use Michelle’s Pantograph as that is where I met her.

The owner of the site eventually moved in a different direction and closed the site. Many of the quilters are still active and it’s been fun to follow them on social media.

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