Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Welcome June!

I cut the grass yesterday for the first time this season. One of the many perks of my life with Erik is that I have a nice little lawn tractor to cut grass…it’s a task that I enjoy!

This years winter was exceptionally long and stretched well into what should have been spring.

May held many challenges.

I learnt a lot about sump pumps and am extremely thankful that Erik already knew…so one morning early in May when I said that the pump sounded like it was humming he flew into action replacing it!

With that under control we breathed a little easier, however a day or so later I discovered water coming into the cold storage room. Thankfully we work well as a team, and between the two of us we were able to prevent any damage. I am an early riser and Erik is more a night owl so we worked shifts. It was a week of shop vacuuming every 20 minutes for a few days and loads of towels on and off the line or in the dryer being rotated.

The sump pump ran non stop for 3 weeks. We had a lot more snow than usual this year and with several rainstorms and frozen ground many people had destroyed basements. We were lucky!

I still continued to work away on customer quilts though not very much time for personal piecing.

So I was happy to celebrate the beginning of June by cutting grass! It’s time to plant some flowers and make some plans!

Liam has one serious plan and it looks like this summer we can make that happen!

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