Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Christmas…in July Quilts

It seems to be very popular have Christmas in July celebrations around here.

These two quilts were made to be raffled off in support of a campers association not far from here. The maker began with panels and added blocks to grow the quilts. I used the pantograph windswept as it gave a ribbon effect that also went well with both the top and the backing… almost all of my quilt makers like to have me trim their quilts for them which I do as a courtesy so that they are ready for binding.

On a side note, I lived most of my childhood in Winnipeg Manitoba, we had a cottage growing up. When we moved here people talked about going to camp…I envisioned them all in tents! Until I discovered that cottages are camps here and in the Fort Frances area they are cabins.

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