Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Begining of Summer

It is so nice to wake up to blue sky and sunshine and green grass…well maybe not all green right now.

We welcome the bees back and living in the country the dandelions do their thing.

Liam loves soccer and has been teaching me some new techniques. I have many memories of my Grandmothers but none involved playing with me, I want that for my Grandchildren.

He won’t have memories of me dirt biking, those will be with Pappa!

Pool season is almost here and Erik was called into helping replace his Daughter and Son-in-laws liner as he has done it before on our pool.

I was treated to a day of playing with grandchildren and being fed! Later there was a birthday celebration for Erik. We arrived home just before 9 and both had a little nap in order to have the energy to wrap up the day.

Today is a professional development day here which means no school for Liam. He and I will work on planting the garden and some flowers along with some soccer and our war on the ants.

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