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A Long Time Dream Come True

Something that I had always wanted to do before I met Erik was to go fishing and maybe even some camping. He very happily helped me to achieve those dreams!

It wasn’t intentional but the colour of the boat matches the old RV!

We have used the motorhome many times over the years, some trips but mostly for camping and fishing. As the years went by we have talked about retirement years and dreamed of RV travel.

Our vintage motorhome fit the bill for short camping trips and there are many great memories attached however it was time for an upgrade. Something a little more modern. After years of research and discussions on what we wanted, Erik found exactly what we had in mind.

As a retired GM mechanic the chassis had to be a Chevy for sure. We wanted a bedroom…the old motorhome has a bench that pulls out and is then made into a not so comfortable bed.

The purchase required a quick trip to Lavaltrie Quebec, just outside of Laval. We flew Porter and had a quick stop at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto, we were there just long enough to have breakfast and then we were off to Montreal. I was able to use my new Uber skills attained last summer taking Eriks Mom to Toronto.

We had a one night stay in a small hotel in Laval, we enjoyed walking around the area and a yummy supper before settling in for the night.

The next morning we took another Uber ride to the dealership and then after a couple hours learning about and looking over our new little house we were on our way.

We have one slide for the bedroom.

Before we left home we bought a membership for Boondockers Welcome and we were able to secure a place for the night in Kanata just outside of Ottawa. We really enjoyed the drive, and after stopping for supplies met our first host.

No snow and green grass…

Our second night was our first night boondocking at a Walmart, we spent the night in Sault Ste Marie and enjoyed another good sleep though chillier than the night before.

The rest of the drive was for the most part along Lake Superior and then home.

We haven’t planned our next adventure with it yet but do have some ideas.

I will of course need to make new quilts for it!

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