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The Dells (part 2)

Day 2 of our Dells trip we had planned to visit Circus World in Baraboo, however the weather had different plans for us an unpredicted thunder storm developed while we were on our way.

We decided to declare the day a shopping one as we had planned to have one anyways. So we pulled into a Blain’s Farm and Fleet store and what did Liam see first?

A little too big for now.

While at Menards he discovered a new kind of chair!

His find in Walmart…

This did not find its way into the cart.

When we finished our shopping in Baraboo we made our way back to the Lake Delton and visited the Cracker Barrel, again for a little shopping…and play.

The next stop was Market Square Cheese, Liam found the shopping there really interesting and fun. I was sad to see that Covid has changed things and they no longer let you sample the different flavours of cheese which had always led to purchases.

We did make sure to get some pictures with the mascot.

The one place we have really enjoyed eating at over the years is MooseJaw Pizza and they definitely lived up to our memories!

After our delicious pizza dinner we made our way to Pirates cove for some mini putt play.

But first had to check out a few things…

It was a fun game and the score keeper won…though the guys didn’t believe her!

We went for a walk on the downtown strip afterwards… it’s an interesting walk.

Liam had wanted a tattoo after seeing the, done the night before so why not 😊

After the guys made some new friends we found some ice cream to finish off the day.

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