Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Dells (part 3)

With our stay at the Shamrock Motel we receive a wrist band for Noah’s Ark for every day of our stay and new to us this year was also a one day pass for Mount Olympus.

We chose to spend our last full day in the dells playing. We spent the morning at Noah’s ark enjoying a few more rides. We arrived just as the park was opening so the lines of some of the favourite rides weren’t as long as they get later in the day.

One of the big achievements this year that Liam had been considering was the Point of No Return slide…this slide is 100 feet high and a straight down slide. Erik really enjoys it, I however have not been able to talk myself into it.

Liam however did it twice!

You can see the Point of No Return slide on the left. I took videos of him on the slide and haven’t been able to add that to this post. So the picture shows him coming from another favourite slide.

We returned to the room for a little lunch

This was a smoked turkey leg, we actually cut up and shared after taking some fun pictures.

After lunch we walked up the road a bit to Mount Olympus, Liam complained a bit about the hike as it was a bit hot…but he had no idea of what was I store!

He and Pappa had so much fun driving the go carts!

After driving the 4 tracks it was time to enjoy the wave pool. It was pretty cool with its 9 foot waves! I was too busy enjoying it to take my own pictures.

We decided to return to Noah’s Ark to catch my favourite ride before the park closed. I absolutely love the Black Anaconda is a water rollercoaster so fast and fun…the guys don’t agree but they do come along!

After a full day of fun and a relaxing dinner we all slept well preparing for another day of adventures.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Dells (part 2)

Day 2 of our Dells trip we had planned to visit Circus World in Baraboo, however the weather had different plans for us an unpredicted thunder storm developed while we were on our way.

We decided to declare the day a shopping one as we had planned to have one anyways. So we pulled into a Blain’s Farm and Fleet store and what did Liam see first?

A little too big for now.

While at Menards he discovered a new kind of chair!

His find in Walmart…

This did not find its way into the cart.

When we finished our shopping in Baraboo we made our way back to the Lake Delton and visited the Cracker Barrel, again for a little shopping…and play.

The next stop was Market Square Cheese, Liam found the shopping there really interesting and fun. I was sad to see that Covid has changed things and they no longer let you sample the different flavours of cheese which had always led to purchases.

We did make sure to get some pictures with the mascot.

The one place we have really enjoyed eating at over the years is MooseJaw Pizza and they definitely lived up to our memories!

After our delicious pizza dinner we made our way to Pirates cove for some mini putt play.

But first had to check out a few things…

It was a fun game and the score keeper won…though the guys didn’t believe her!

We went for a walk on the downtown strip afterwards… it’s an interesting walk.

Liam had wanted a tattoo after seeing the, done the night before so why not 😊

After the guys made some new friends we found some ice cream to finish off the day.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Dells (part 1)

In August 2019 we took Liam to Wisconsin Dells and introduced him to the fun at Noah’s Ark Water Park. Until the pandemic Erik and I had been going every summer at least once.

It really was a fun trip and we had planned to take Liam again the following summer…

Well we finally were able to fulfill the promise this month!

Starting the trip with ice cream of course!

We stopped at the DQ in Two Harbours MN

We spent some time shopping in Duluth on the way to the Dells. One of the stops was Camping World. Liam informed me that if someone told him he could have 20 minutes to spend a million dollars there he could easily do that!

He was really impressed with the deluxe ice fishing shack…and after 15% down and $417. For 240 months it could be his!

A few more toys that caught his eye…

One of the things that Liam often mentioned when he spoke of the trip was how much he liked was that we stop at rest stops to grill when we travel. This picture is from the 2019 trip.

And this year

We were able to find the same rest stop

We have stayed at the Shamrock Motel on almost all of our stays there, it’s the perfect place for us! It’s right across from Noah’s Ark and supplies wrist bands with your stay. Liam really enjoyed being able to sit and chat with Pappa just outside our door.

We also grill and picnic at the motel.

Of course the main purpose of the trip is the water park…

We spent the first day from opening to closing at the park. We normally take a break mid day and return to the room for lunch and a break. However not this year, Liam didn’t want to miss any time or rides!

The Raja was the big favourite of the guys this year!

My favourite ride is still the Black Anaconda which is a water rollercoaster, the guys don’t find it as exciting as I do but humour me anyways!

After closing the park we enjoyed a rest and picnic supper and later walked the downtown strip finishing off the day with some ice cream. We all had a really good sleep that night!