Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A November Treat

We have really enjoyed beautiful weather this last week which for the beginning of November is such a treat!

Knowing that it won’t last long, I made it a point to use the clothesline and also to bring the winter boots etc in from storage yesterday.

On the quilting side of my life, I currently have a queen sized quilt on the Longarm. I often will work in the morning into the early afternoon and then spend my evenings quilting.

I left off last night with one more row to quilt…

With the temperature in the high teens yesterday (Celsius) and the weather forecast showing that is the last of these temperatures for a long time an outdoor adventure was in order.

I joined Liam and his Mom…my daughter for an adventure at a nearby park.

We have a high of 6C today and rain and snow forecasted for tomorrow.

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