Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A quilt finishing story.

Sometimes a quilter with best intentions sets out to quilt their own quilt and for all kinds of reasons after basting their quilt decide that they don’t want to do the quilting themselves…

I haven’t quilted many quilts on my sewing machine, I really admire the skill of those who do. I had intended to devote some time to that this year…the race is on as the 2022 seems to be racing by.

Anyways, sometimes I receive a call from someone who has made the attempt to quilt their project…then time gets in their way or they realize that they won’t finish it themselves. Yes I can help! Yes I can and do undo stitches and sandwiched quilts and finish them on the Longarm.

This quilt top is a perfect example of a project that might have been given up on…

Instead it was prepared for the Longarm and quilted with a pantograph trimmed and prepared for binding!

Ready for binding!

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