Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fun Memories and a Surprise!

When I first began Longarm quilting for others the season of my life was busy!! I was raising 4 daughters on my own and had a full time day job. Needless to say my time was not my own.

I was so fortunate to have friends who really cheered me on and supported me in several aspects of my life. One was my friend Alva, who I have written about before. She truly loved quilting and she especially loved sharing what she knew with others.

She was never shy about trying new techniques.

My quilting group is happily meeting in person again and this week, some were reminiscing about the great programs that were once offered at our city’s first quilt shop. The owner Diana really did an amazing job with classes, clubs and programs!

The second shop, The Stash also offered classes and I remember Alva talking about her Colour Wheel class, showing me samples and about how to take it. I was interested but again there just wasn’t time for very much play.

Anyways, when I was getting ready to head to quilting group on Monday is was looking for misplaced book and came across a tote of Alva’s tutorials…

Alva’s Colour Wheel class was popular and it turns out it wasn’t only missed by me…it may be revisited.

Another treasure discovered was her sample from the Fractures workshop that we took together. Hers of course involved Poppies! She loved red and Poppies. Wouldn’t this piece look perfect on a bag!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Colour or Color

Well I am Canadian so it is colour, though I am very much looking forward to taking part in the Color Collective (of course from the States).

I have never really been able to decide on one favourite colour as it seems to always change, though in the last years I do find a lot of comfort in blues.

In my early years of quilting I loved the softer colours and gravitated towards very soft colours probably because I found them to be soothing I needed the safety and comfort in those challenging years raising children as a single Mom working in a stressful office.

Seaside Rose was a favourite collection years ago it was a Moda collection by Three Sisters and I loved Carrie Nelson’s pattern Summer wind.
I made the same quilt a few years later with a Fig Tree collection a little brighter and bolder.
I also made quilts with the French General collections.

My friend Alva was always encouraging me to play with more colour to use real colours true reds for instance. She had such an eye for colour. She left me with with many lessons and colour wheels and fabric examples.

Over the years I became tired of the soft pastel quilts. Lately I am craving more, more colour, more contrast perhaps but maybe more wow in my choices! Maybe just change. Life should evolve and change, right?

Alva’s Crane quilt was pieced the year after her son Jeff passed away too young. It was a healing quilts for her, though I doubt a mother really completely heals from that pain. This quilt has colour and so much more to it. Cranes taught me to savour the piecing journey…life doesn’t have to be a race.

So now, I am ready to embrace Colour and learn more about it. I have the tools, colour wheels, books on colour theory and of course information on the web.

If your are at the how do I understand Colour and Quilts stage of your journey I recommend Karen Browns you tube videos she has some very good and easy to follow videos to help you understand Colour Theory.


Her site and You Tube videos are a fantastic resource for not only new quilters but also seasoned quilters as there is always something new to learn.

Where are you on your Colour Journey?