We went out for dinner in Rauma and Erik’s cousin Erikki said we’d go out for Kebabs. I thought we we’re going to have shish kabobs. Not quite


That is all finely sliced beef under the pita like bread and salad on the side. I was never really sure of what I was ordering…..sometimes I was suprised.

This dinner was really good but enough food to serve my family for supper!


Erikki’s son Patrick had just come from soccer practice and happily ate everything on his plate and helped another cousin finish eating hers.

after dinner we went for a walk around town and came across this site


From a distance it really did look like women that were swimming in the canal! It turned out they were very realistic statues.


a few after diner drinks…






When I was small, this bowl was what my Mom mixed cookies in. I really only remember her making shortbread at Christmas in it. At some point she must have gotten newer mixing bowls and the set of 2 bowls became mine.

I hate to admit it but I took my bowls for granted, and I’ve used them regularly for the last 25 or more years. My 4 daughters have all used it many times as well. The smaller white one has lost all the details and the bigger one (not the one in the picture) is fading fast.

Anyways, this bowl holds a lot of memories for me, when I was a little girl this bowl seemed enormous to me, it was a magic bowl that meant cookies would be coming. (not a regular occurrence so it was exciting at least to me)

For years now I’ve thought about getting a new mixer. ( I wore out a Sunbeam after 15 years, it really was a workhorse) I replaced my Sunbeam with another but it only lasted a couple of years with a lot less use. The one to have it seems is the Kitchenaid one, but I just never bring myself to get one.


I can’t help but think that I’ve managed this long without, and do I really have space for one to live.

Maybe I should just see if I can find some new Pyrex Aqua mixing bowls instead hmmm