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Sunday we celebrated Birthdays, My Moms, My Aunts ( my moms sister) and my eldest as well.

When my 4 girls get together they get so silly and giggly their connection is so strong, I love the friendships they have and are developing with each other as they grow and mature. Growing up I always wished I had a sister but that wish never came true, then I wished I could have a daughter 🙂 that wish was granted 4 times and what a true blessing they are in my life.



My Aunt and my Mom and I. I was my Aunts Flower girl back when I was very small. The three of us all quilt, and although my Aunt had taken a quilting class before I discovered quilting, I was the one who introduced them to our craft.

1 thought on “Sisters”

  1. Lovely pics of lovely ladies all!! It’s great to read about how close your daughters are… They sure are beautiful!! And how wonderful to share special times with your mom and aunt. And you are one extra special lady Wendy!!


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