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I hear we have another 6 weeks of winter….well that’s really no surprise around here, winters rarely finished around here until the end of March. Spring takes it’s time arriving and by the middle of June we can start planting.

Tuesday was My Eldest Daughters 23rd Birthday, she has really grown into a beautiful young woman inside and out.  She has been a joy to raise and watch her become who she is. She’s an awesome big sister and always was right from the day she found out she’d be a sister when she was 3 years old. This spring she’ll graduate University with and Honors Degree in Social Work.



This winter has been long and cold. I’ve really been feeling cabin fever……so what did I do?

img_2503-smallI went shopping at I really don’t have the time for piecing but I”m going to schedule some time in. I also ordered a few new patterns that I wanted to try. Some from Hancocks and due to the ice storm I’ve had to wait for their arrival. Of course now that I’ve ordered more patterns I’ll need more fabric right?

img_2508-smallMy Valentines quilt is bound and hanging.

img_2511-small1This weekend I’m working on a custom customer quilt and also on a few little projects.  That I’ll share a little later.

Til then TGIF!!

4 thoughts on “February”

  1. I was 23 when I had Sarah, hard to believe that I was her age in that first picture. Erik said I really don’t look very different from then, I sure do love him!!
    Lynn neither one of us is old enough to have a child in their 20’s!!


  2. Love your fabric and patterns! I need to make a couple of Schnibbles with fabrics I have sitting around. They make up so quickly and make wonderful table toppers.


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