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This week was a long and tiring one thankfully its a long weekend! Ontario celebrate Family Day on Monday.

In my last post I shared some pictures of some of my Dads wood carving. This picture is of the Thunder Bay Carvers Associations Quilt. My Dads block is the Eagle on the bottom row. This is not my Dads first quilt however


When they first moved back to Thunder Bay, my parents lived with the girls and I while their house was being built and I challenged him to make a quilt.

You can see it here I think he did a great job on it and it was fun to quilt.

I started my newest quilt this week, I love piecing. One of the girls I work with is also a quilter and the other day she said “I’ve always loved the sound of using the iron” I have too. I love every step of making a new quilt.


I’m also working on this customer quilt. I’ll get more done tomorrow, what a great feeling to wake up on Saturday and know I don’t have to rush out the door, I can take my coffee and get to work on what I love doing.


Here’s one more little Valentines project, I have one more to finish hand stitching the binding down on. Sometimes its just fun to make a simple little project I can finish up.


Happy Valentines Day!

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