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Today was one of my favorite things. Working full time outside of my home makes me really appreciate Fridays. I also really do appreciate my full time job, the security it give my girls and I as well as the opportunity to be of assistance to others. I work for a government agency that puts in home care. Nursing, homemakers, OT/PT and some other services that for the most part are in place to enable seniors to remain in their own homes as long as possible. We also put the nursing services in so that people can go home from the hospital and recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

Still I do love Fridays!

My plan for tonight was to work on a customer quilt for the most part. I was supposed to be home alone all night but instead one was home for a visit and my youngest was home longer than she’d thought and had a friend over who also brought her mom along so we could meet. ( the girls are 14 and are abit horrified when we moms want to meet each other, but I really do like to know their friends moms if possible) Turns out her mom is making a quilt and has made a few in the past and wanted to see my studio. So I did not get as much work as planned but there’s always tomorrow.

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Duluth, we just needed abit of a getaway.This winter has felt extremely long and the trip did help. I woke up before everyone so I went for a little walk. Lots of snow and ice still but Lake Superior was open in Duluth, we are 3 1/2 hours north and the lake is still frozen here.




Grand Marais is a little town a couple hours from here in MN. It is a cool little town so worth a visit. There’s a great Quilt shop there called Crystal’s. There are actually a few quilt shops on the way to Duluth and this time I discovered a new one called Behind the Seams….I was well behaved but oh that shop was full of my kind of fabric…

I was really well behaved partly because we didn’t want to go over our limit and pay duty and also because I went on a bit of a binge ordering from and Hancocks this week. Next week I’ll share some pictures of my latest additions to my stash. I really have to ground myself from those sites for abit I think 🙂


I did piece all the blocks for my Rosy Checks this week, I decided to piece a few every time I had a few minutes to spare and tonight I pressed the last few. I couldn’t resist laying them out to have a peek. They still need to be trimmed before I put the top together, but it felt so good to finish the blocks. I think Erik’s mom will really like this quilt.


I’m ready to start my Hello Betty Quilt. One of the reasons I like the Moda U quilts is that I can just cut and piece. Sometimes I just need to use my tools and these quilts fit the bill for that, I get to use some to the newest fabric lines and they give me variety and I get to try some new patterns, some are easier than others and sometimes easy fits the bill especially when life has been challenging enough.


My youngest daughter has been creative all of her life, always prefering craft supplies over toys. Making all her gifts and even making things to sell while she was in grade school. She made Rice Bags a couple of years (grade 5 and 6) and sold them to classmates and teachers, promoting them as gifts they could give. That little girl has a business mind. Anyways a couple Christmases ago she made me this pillow using my little scraps from the Wuthering Heights quilts I’d made and then wrote on the back of it. It is one of my most treasured items. Sometimes she’ll ask me to put it away (remember she’s 14 now) because her friends always read it and ask her if she made it.

She told me this morning that she thinks that paint is her medium. She just completed a semester of Art in Highschool and really enjoyed it, even though she found it hard and challenging she apprecitated how much she learnt.



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  1. I love Grand Marais, too. And really anywhere around the north shore and Great Lakes. Something about all that water really speaks to us land-locked midwesterners, I guess.


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