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A Sad Tale and My Quilting Update

We were going to take our usual Sunday afternoon hike today but first Erik wanted to show me something in the back of his property.


He’s had a stand of Pine trees that he’s been really proud  of, they really are beautiful trees.


Last week when he went back there he notice that almost all of them had been stripped of the bark which means they will all die.

While we were looking at the trees……look what else we saw


Yep, thats the culprit. This porcupine has been a very busy critter. Its amazing how much damage such a small animal can do and so thourough too check out these branches:

even-the-branches-smallSome of the branches are so small you’d think it would have fallen out of the tree.

On a brighter note heres a shot I took from the back looking towards the house. I love the little playhouse.


The wind was really bitter today so we skipped the long hike. I sure hope spring is planning to come soon.

On the quilting front I accomplished quite abit on the custom job on my machine, I still need a full day or so to complete it but its coming along. I’ve been spending alot more time piecing these days, I need to remember not to let life get so busy that I don’t make time for my domestic machine and making quilts.

rosy-checks-trimmed-blocksAll trimmed and ready to be sewn into a top

hello-betty1And my Hello Betty Quilt I have 44 half square triangles trimmed and another 44 to trim and another 88 to make…

This week will be a full one so hopefully I’ll still be able to tuck in some sewing for me time and get the customer quilt done and delivered.  I want to be able to do it all but with a full time day job its pretty challenging.

My oldest daughter will be home from Texas tomorrow night….and with her my order from Fat Quarter Shop, I’m very excited to see both of them.

2 thoughts on “A Sad Tale and My Quilting Update”

  1. Glad to read you are making time for you and piecing! I also noticed my StarSwirl peeking out behind those pretty blocks! If you use one of my patterns on a quilt I’d love to have a pic of that to put on my new website!!

    So sad about Erik’s pines… Is he planning on trapping that critter and relocating it?


  2. Thanks Michelle, I love your star swirl as do many many of my customers. That panto always finds its way back on the table. I will send some pictures.


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