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April Showers……Snow Showers that is

March went out with a Roar and April began after a 50cm snow storm, heavy wet snow. The driving was treacherous and the kids had yet another snow day. I’m really hoping that’s it for the winter weather. The forecast is for temps above 0 for the rest of the week and even for sunshine!!! Maybe spring is going to show up after all it is April!

I’ve been busy this week with a customer quilt that I’m really enjoying its called Rosebud Lane.

Rosebud Lane
Rosebud Lane

The feathers don’t show up really well but I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out, they are freehand.


Which left very little time for piecing but I did get all of the blocks done for my Hello Betty quilt as well as the sashing ready.


There is just something about the depression era fabrics that I’m drawn to, I still have a collection of basket blocks that I made when I really didn’t know what I was doing yet. That is one of my quilting goals this year to finish one of my oldest UFO’s. One thing I’ll have to accept is their imperfection. I have a depression era solid yellow that I’m planning to use as the sashing this quilts been in progress for almost 20 years. Some of the fabrics in these blocks were from the first time I ever ordered quilting fabric…it was a medley from Keepsake Quilting and the beginning of my stash.

And speaking of stash here is another addition to the stash, I have a couple of cakes and jelly rolls but didn’t add them to the picture I’m not sure what I’ll make with it but I’m enjoying the thinking about it stage. I’m at that stage with a few collections right now.


I started the Bunny Tales BOM,
I know I’m way behind but I’ve also never done hand applique and I’ve chosen this quilt to learn. I did the first block but I’m not happy with it so I’ll start over, I think I know where I went wrong so hopefully I’ll get it right. I’ve watched several youtubes on technique so with any luck.. I’ll have something to show sooner than later.
I’ve also started another embroidery BOM from Willowberry Designs
This one is also a late start and I’m almost finished the first block. I’ve started doing handwork on my lunch breaks at work, I can get a fair amount accomplished if I try.

My oldest is officially finished University all except the ceremony. She starts her first career job on the 14th so she’s taken the opportunity to visit Jeremy in Texas this week. When she finished her job placement on Friday she was given an Easter Lily that was still all buds and asked me to take care of it for her 🙂 It’s blooming Sarah!


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New Energy

It must be spring, although we lost an hour last weekend the extra day light has made a huge difference.
Winter is refusing to let go of its grip and we found ourselves under a winter snow warning Tuesday night. We received about 25 cm of snow and the windchill’s were brutal in the -30C range. Today has been a beautiful and sunny day and the temps are looking promising for the coming week. I’m very ready to get my hands in the soil again 🙂
I finally finished the customer quilt that was on my machine for the last few weeks.


There’s something about the back of a custom quilt job, its always a surprise to me when I see it laid out.


My coworkers quilt is bound I’m just waiting on the label so it can be delivered.




Then it was time for a little fun so I loaded this little quilt and just played, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m going to either make a little something or find a surprise to send to the big sister and then it will be on its way.


you can’t really see the quilting in the picture from the front


We decided to make this quilt abit bigger so today I made and added 12 blocks. They are laid out in my living room and will stay there until I put the top together. My girls and their friends are pretty used to this practice.


I’ve been asked to speak at Quilt Guild about longarm quilting Monday night and show a few of my quilts. I’m not really a front line person but when I’m speaking on something I’m passionate about I really don’t mind.

Work has been very stressful lately, thankfully my quilting helps to ease that stress. I can always tell when I’m at my limit, the quilts start appearing. At one of my most stressful times as a mom I pieced my summer wind quilt and quilted it in 3 days.

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A Sad Tale and My Quilting Update

We were going to take our usual Sunday afternoon hike today but first Erik wanted to show me something in the back of his property.


He’s had a stand of Pine trees that he’s been really proud  of, they really are beautiful trees.


Last week when he went back there he notice that almost all of them had been stripped of the bark which means they will all die.

While we were looking at the trees……look what else we saw


Yep, thats the culprit. This porcupine has been a very busy critter. Its amazing how much damage such a small animal can do and so thourough too check out these branches:

even-the-branches-smallSome of the branches are so small you’d think it would have fallen out of the tree.

On a brighter note heres a shot I took from the back looking towards the house. I love the little playhouse.


The wind was really bitter today so we skipped the long hike. I sure hope spring is planning to come soon.

On the quilting front I accomplished quite abit on the custom job on my machine, I still need a full day or so to complete it but its coming along. I’ve been spending alot more time piecing these days, I need to remember not to let life get so busy that I don’t make time for my domestic machine and making quilts.

rosy-checks-trimmed-blocksAll trimmed and ready to be sewn into a top

hello-betty1And my Hello Betty Quilt I have 44 half square triangles trimmed and another 44 to trim and another 88 to make…

This week will be a full one so hopefully I’ll still be able to tuck in some sewing for me time and get the customer quilt done and delivered.  I want to be able to do it all but with a full time day job its pretty challenging.

My oldest daughter will be home from Texas tomorrow night….and with her my order from Fat Quarter Shop, I’m very excited to see both of them.