Emergency Quilt

When I first started my Longarm Quilting business I remember other longarmers talking about Emergency Quilts. You know the ones that need to be quilted yesterday and most agreed that there really wasn’t such a thing.

Sometimes though life has some twists in it and although I am busy, with quilting for others and also a few projects underway I have to slip in an emergency quilt. You see one of my co-workers needs a comfort quilt and she needs it yesterday. Of course that’s how I feel, and I only wish that a quilt could really make someone all better. About a year and a half ago I lost one of my favorite Aunts to brain cancer and now my friend is in her own battle with it. She is too young and her kids are too young to loose their mom. Life is just not fair!

Anyways I’m taking a break from my piecing projects this week to make a comfort quilt that will hopefully bring some softness and warmth during this very difficult time.

img_2667-small-2My plan is to make a label and press it on freezer papers so that my coworkers can write her messages . I remember using pigma pens to do this in the past. Has that wheel been reinvented? Are there any better pens to use?

4 thoughts on “Emergency Quilt”

  1. Pigma Pens and freezer paper is still the way to go. Also tell people not to write all the way to the edge… if you had the time, you could pencil in the 1/4″ line.

    My prayers are with your friend.


  2. Yes, I still use the pigma pens and freezer paper for such things. I usually draw the 1/4″ line with a blue pen, so people won’t cross it. Then I use an eraser pen to get the blue out and heat set the pigma pen — maybe not really necessary, but I do it anyway. Nice Moda fabric there, by the way!

    What a nice thing for you to do. Prayers are on the way from me too.



  3. Pigma pens work great! Masking tape the 1/4 lines helps too. Heat set the messages before you start assembling or at least before you quilt it!! It’s easier!! Sending you a prayer & a hug. This is definitely an emergency quilt. It’s always moments like that when I wish I was organized enough to have quilts ready to go out that day.


  4. When a friend’s house was destroyed in a tornado last year, I was glad that I had a finished quilt that I could give them right away. I’m working on a replacement “emergency backup quilt” now, to have in my closet, waiting.

    Sometimes it seems silly to think that a mere quilt can offer comfort when times are tough, but I think it really does.

    (I also have a pigma pen because I’m too lazy to make labels – I just write on the quilt back.)


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