Smelt Run

It must be spring, the smelts were running this weekend. Erik and I went out at about 11pm Friday night and finished at round 2am. I wish my pictures showed the whole picture. There were 100’s of people there all ages, there is always a lot of talk about how much better smelting used to be and that every time you’d put your net in the water it would be so full of smelts some would be jumping out. I do remember hearing of people having so many they’d use them for fertilizer. For those of you who haven’t heard of Smelt fishing, my understanding is that the smelts swim upstream from the lake into the creeks to lay their eggs. Some people love them many won’t touch them. Erik cleans them and cooks them in Shore Lunch and lots of butter, very yummy!

Saturday was moving day for Mary and she and I spent the day moving most of her things to her new place. All in all the day went very smoothly esp considering how tired her mom was 🙂 She didn’t want any pictures taken of her place until it was set up.
One Saturday picture I did get was of Katie and friends and the breakfast they made.
ok so 2 pictures (Katie’s the one in the middle)

On the quilting front I finished up a customer quilt and last night cleaned my studio and gave my longarm a good cleaning and oiling. I’m hoping to get a quilt loaded and started after work tonight. and speaking of work I’d better get going…
Have a great day!!

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