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A Little of This and a Little of That

Mothers day was great here with only one not so great part and that was it was my first Mothers day without all of my girls with me. Emily did call 🙂 and she’ll be home at the end of the month for a quick visit.

We have a new family member, he belongs to my 3rd daughter Mary. This picture is of Katie with him, Mary was told this little guy is 6 weeks but he sure is tiny. So far his name is Cornelius I asked her if we’ll call him Corny for short.

IMG_1169 (Medium)

This is Mary doing her Princess pose, we girls really are all princesses after all aren’t we?

IMG_1115 (Medium)

and Mary and I

IMG_1119 (Medium)

This quilt belongs to a friend of mine. I quilted it last week. Life really got in the way of the quilting last week. I did finish piecing some blocks this weekend and worked on a mini quilt.

IMG_1129 (Medium)
IMG_1127 (Medium)

Yesterday morning there were some visitors in Erik’s yard. They are kinda pretty and I really enjoyed watching them run away with their white tails flying behind them. Its too bad that they do so much damage.

IMG_1150 (Medium)
IMG_1151 (Medium)
Spring really is coming and soon we’ll have rhubarb.
IMG_1160 (Medium)

I’m wondering who thinks it can make a new home beside my front door…sure hope its not a skunk. The hole was filled in today and I’m hoping it will relocate.

IMG_1133 (Medium)

My Quilt Guilds Quilt show was this weekend as well as a banquet with great friends and a wonderful trunk show by our very talented Joyce McKinnon.
Joyce and one of her beautiful works of Art
IMG_1143 (Medium)

and some of my very favorite friends
IMG_1137 (Medium)
IMG_1136 (Medium)

3 thoughts on “A Little of This and a Little of That”

  1. Oh Wendy! Cornelius is adorable! Mary will be so lucky to have him to snuggle up with, and he’ll be lucky to have her too. Lovely pictures.


  2. Hi Wendy! I enjoyed seeing every one of your photos and have missed keeping up with you. Mary’s new kitty is beautiful and what a fun name.


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